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In the Shadow of the Cross

Seeing life clearly in the shadow of the cross.

Things look different in the shade and in the light. The blinding sun can make it difficult to see clearly so I prefer seeing clearly in the shade. On hot days, I love the shade much more than the scorching heat of the sun.

The purpose of this blog is to see and feel differently in the shade of the cross of Christ. Without the sacrifice of Jesus, the heat of God’s wrath can scorch my soul. I can feel the guilt of sin. I also see life by means of performance. How can I perform for people in order to get their approval? How can I perform for God so that he blesses me? The burden of performance can be blinding. In the shadow of the cross, I can see life for what it really is.

Living in the shadow of the cross is liberating. So I am going to blog my own personal devotion life. You will see me use the word “I” a lot. You will watch me write as I see myself. Then you discover with me what I look like in the shadow of the cross. The love of God is transformational. I pray that my experience can help some of you see yourself in the shadow of the cross of Jesus so he can transform you.


Thank you Full of Eyes for the use of the image

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