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Ideal Church?


Sundays at 9:15 AM

Ideal Church?

Jesus came not just to benefit one type of people. Jesus was God’s answer of love for people of every culture or background. The message of Jesus is a power that changes even the most unlikely hearts. It gives truth to the seeker, hope to the hopeless, and freedom to the oppressed. God sends messengers to share the life-changing story of Jesus to the ends of the earth. Meeting Sunday at 9:15 or Thursday at 7 pm starting Sept. 9th. Contact Pastor Glenn Rosenbaum for more info.


Sundays at 9:15 AM

Transformed Teens

Questions about God, identity, purpose, and life are welcome here. Find answers through discussions about the Bible. High school age teens welcome on Sunday at 9:15 am beginning Sept. 9th. Contact Pastor Josh Bishop for more info: 269-429-4941.


Sunday Evening

Richard Schwartz

Wondering how evolution compares with creation? Is modern science compatible with biblical truth? Believe the biblical creation and embrace smart science at the same time. Learn to witness your faith from Genesis to the cross. Meeting once/month on Sunday evenings. Contact Richard Schwartz for more info: 269-449- 0634.


Monday at 7:00 PM or Tuesday at 9:30 AM

Mrs. Lou Pagel

So many books today focus on how Christians are to lead God-pleasing lives. As a result, many Christians have never studied in detail the many different gifts God has given to mankind. Starting with God’s perfect creation, join us as we walk through the Bible detailing 20 different ways God acted as the ultimate humanitarian. Meeting Monday at 7 pm or Tuesday at 9:30 am beginning Sept. 10th/11th @ The Titan Center Chapel. Contact Lou Pagel for more details: 512-470-2107


Sundays at 9:15 AM

Ages 3 through Grade 8

We believe in connecting children to Christ. Using biblical stories, children can grow in their faith to apply it in life. Healthy Children make happy homes. From Pre-K to 8th grade, you are invited to join us Sundays at 9:15 am beginning Sept. 9th. Contact Pastor Josh Bishop for more info: 269-429- 4941.


Sunday Afternoon

Pastor Josh Bishop

7th and 8th Grade students meet on Sunday afternoon to study the truths of God's Word as taught in the Small Catechism. They meet in Room 7.

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