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"I am their inheritance!"

Do you ever feel like you are short? Not in stature but in supply. Do you feel like you need a little more _______? Fill in the blank with whatever you want. It doesn't have to be just money. It could be space, house, time, energy, peace, joy, acceptance or whatever.

I was born lacking. I am shorter than average. I wasn't the fastest or most athletic growing up. We weren't rich and I still am not. But I was lacking saving faith, purity, and God's approval. I was born a sinner so I was completely empty before my infant mind could comprehend it.

Then God stepped in and poured out his baptismal waters of grace onto my head. He filled me inside with his Holy Spirit and bundled me up in the righteousness of Jesus. I had everything that I needed.

Yet I still cried out for my mother. I envied the others that had more. I felt lost when I lacked direction. Over and over again, God patiently reminded me of his fullness of grace.

The Levites in the Old Testament were homeless and were completely dependent on the generosity of others through tithing command from God. They had no land and no inheritance to pass on to their children. I could imagine the insecurity they felt in their apparent lacking. Yet here is God's promise.

This will be their inheritance: I am their inheritance. You must not give them property in Israel. I am their property.

God didn't promise to give the Levites prosperity or an inheritance. He promised to BE their inheritance. Ezekiel's special temple vision and explanation is a picture of believers in Jesus on earth and in heaven.

Just imagine the greatness of God. Ponder how big he is and how much he owns. Think of the love he displayed on the cross where his very Son died to give you this right to be an inheritance for you. He is your inheritance. He is your property. In him find fulfillment and you will find complete contentment to enjoy the amazing list of blessings he has already given you.

Dear Father, you provide me with so much. You gave me yourself. Release my heart from any sense of need or desire because all I need, I already have right there in you. Amen.

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