Perfect yet?

I don’t know what I expected. Why am I surprised I wouldn’t be better by now? Why did I think it would get easier? I guess it is the perfectionist inside me that wants to be done with the struggle. Maybe it is also the fear of pain and hardship that doesn’t want the struggle. There are a lot of the internal and external pressures of life and I fall into the trap of believing that it gets easier. Or will it?

For [salvation] has been granted to you on behalf of Christ not only to believe on him, but also to suffer for him. (Phil 1:28).

It will one day be great. That salvation has already been given. At the end of the struggle, I will receive endless joy in the Father’s presence. I don’t struggle so that I can make it, but I do suffer along the way. The struggle isn’t to prove I am worthy, the suffering is because I am already made worthy in Christ. The two go hand in hand, being 100% redeemed by God = there will be struggle: the struggle inside and the struggle outside. But the joy is, my identity is not in my struggles, but in my Savior. I am God’s child. Expect struggles, but also expect strength.

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