God loves me so much...

We want to assist families in their practice of growing together spiritually by doing something different with Vacation Bible School (VBS). We will direct you to bible stories and activities to share with your children. We didn't want to overburden families with a 2-3 hour long program (like our normal VBS). Instead, you can feast on God's word in bite-sized chunks for 5 weeks. Each week will focus on one story with the overall theme, God loves me so much. This material was put together by students at Martin Luther College preparing to be full time teachers in Lutheran Schools. You can find out more about this at their website


You can go through it at your own pace by viewing below, whenever you want this summer. Or you can join us as we go through it together starting Monday, July 6th. If you would like the daily content to be emailed directly to you, go here to sign up. 


By signing up, you will receive an email on Monday with the content overview with helpful tips for parents and the story to tell your kids. On Tuesday, you will receive a way to review the story. On Wednesday, you will receive weekly challenge to re-enforce the truths from that lesson. On Thursday, you will receive a one more email with a wrap up activity.

The suggestion is to create a routine for these four days each week to do the lesson at the same time every day. At the beginning of each day or after dinner would be a great time to work on this together as a family. This builds a routine of feeding on God's word together. 


Let's grow in the word together this summer and be spiritually healthier than ever before. 

Job, God Loves Me So Much... He is good to me all the time

Help your child realize: God loves me so much... he is good to me all the time.

Topics for discussion: Blessings, patience, and emotions.

Daniel: God loves me so much... he gave me my body.

Help your child realize: God loves me so much... he gave me my body.

Topics for discussion: healthy choices, persistence

Armor of God: God loves me so much…he gives me tools to serve him

Help your child realize: God loves me so much… he gives me tools to serve him

Topics for discussion: Being prepared to serve Jesus

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