Grace for the New Year

Dearly loved brothers and sisters,

Yes, you are loved. You are loved by my Father in heaven. He sent me to redeem you. That redemption makes you my brothers and sisters. You are family to me, the Son of God.

Do you doubt this sometimes? I’ve seen the hardships you’ve endured this year. Have you ever thought that I have lost control? Or perhaps you say that I am in control but you act in a way that would assume otherwise. You are driven to despair or anxiousness instead of trust when you experience hardship. You rewind and reply in your mind what makes

you feel unworthy and dirty. That thunders doubt into your soul about my ability to forgive you. Here’s the truth. My Father loves you. My Father extends incomprehensible and incomparable love to the entire inhabited world, including every single human being of generations gone by, generations now living, and all generations yet to be born. His universal love is perfect in its quantity. It is also perfect in its quality. There is nothing that my Father

would hold back in order to obtain deliverance for a world enslaved in sin. There is no effort too great, no price too high to provide salvation for lost sinners. Hence, in love he gave his dearest and best. He gave me, his one and only Son.

I am the Son of God, his only begotten Son. Have you forgotten what that means? I come from God. I am God. I am the one and only. Do you forget that I miraculously became a human to endure everything that you endure? I endured everything perfectly. I saved you. I bought you. Do you think I would let anything happen to you that would rob you from me eternally? I want you to be with me forever. I don’t condemn you, even for your lack of faith. Don’t hide from the fact that you doubt my love. You don’t have to fear me exposing what you’ve done because my light destroys your darkness. I know what you do in secret. I know what you

think. I have seen everything. But you don’t need to be afraid. Stop hiding in your false securities and run to me. My Father sent me so that you would know what real love is.

All of my love and blessings are yours when you believe in me, when you trust me. And if you think that is yet another thing that you must do, it is not. I supply what is needed. I send my Spirit to enable you to believe. The Spirit gives you new life by rebirth in water and the word. You have everything in my love. What could you possible need more than that? A better year next year? Would it matter for your eternity if next year was better or worse? You don’t need to know how well the next year is going to go. You do not need to know the details

of the future. Leave that to me. My Father’s and my capable hands will be sure to watch over everything.

You need my grace. You need to be reassured you are loved, that is why I came.

There is no pressure for you to get this next year right. I have taken care of that. Now you can serve and love freely, without the need to ensure everything is done correctly or not. I will handle the pressure for what may be a good or productive year. I can carry the burden for you and your family. That is my grace for the New Year.

Your Brother and Savior,

Jesus Christ


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